LED bulb 6 V 24/48 W BA 20D VINTAGE

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Brightness 1800 lumen in high beam and 1200 lumen in low beam. Consumption 5W/10W. 3000 Kelvin warm white light so hardly can see a difference to a convencional filament head lamp bulb.

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24,90 €

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Replaces and exceeds the convencional BA 20 D head lamp bulb. Multi polarity - can be used in negative and positive on earth AC/DC electrical systems will say suitable as well for any british vehicle. 16 cree 2525 LEDs will guarantee bright light much better as other Leds on the market. Up to 90% less energy consuption as a convencial bulb. Same high and low beam function as convecional bulbs. Plug and play design - this LED fits in all standart BA 20 D lamp sockets without any changes so this can be used without any changes with standard reflector, head lamp glass and has the same size as a convencional BA 20 D head lamp bulb. Especially recomended because of its warm white light colour for any type of classic vehicles to maintain a 100% original aspect even with the head lamps turned on or in general if you prefer that nobody can see that you changed your head lamp to LED.